A very warm welcome.

Kreis Beall’s work — her work as a hotel proprietor, as a designer, and her more recent, more personal work as a Christian — has always been about home and comfort. She spent the first few decades of her adult life making other people feel welcomed and at home. Her husband. Her family. And her guests at Blackberry Farm, the acclaimed resort destination she co-founded and led for years. She was at her happiest when she was making others truly, deeply comfortable. Now, in a new season of life, she has undertaken an entirely different home-related challenge: coming home to her true self and faith, and getting comfortable with her own changing roles as entrepreneur, designer, mother and grandmother.

After an illustrious career as the creative force behind Blackberry Farm, Tennessee's award-winning farm-to-table resort, Kreis Beall shares her personal story of loss, healing and the power and beauty of home in her new book, The Great Blue Hills of God.

My life is about home, a place filled with family and friends who are laughing, chatting, cooking, dancing or gathered around the table sharing stories.